Future-proofing Australia's digital economy, building world-class solutions

20,000 kilometres of new, ultrafast inter-city dual fibre paths.

Accelerating opportunities for our country

We will dramatically increase Australia's total network capacity with transmission rates of up to 650Gbps – six times today’s common rate of 100Gbps.

The new point-to-point fibre technology will support remote working and education, health services, high-definition entertainment, online gaming and IoT for industries like mining and agriculture. 

It builds upon the fibre network and substantial sub-sea routes we have in place today, to deliver end-to-end solutions on a truly global scale.

Designed in Australia, for Australians

Partnering with global technology leaders, Prysmian and Corning, we will purpose-design optic fibre cable to address Australia’s unique environmental conditions. The cable will be designed and manufactured in Australia at Prysmian’s factory in Dee Why, Sydney.

The project will leverage Prysmian’s proven underground cable technology, developed for Telstra and extensively deployed in Australia for over two decades.  The cable used for the new fibre network will combine Corning’s market-leading long-haul high-speed fibre with a new design that is smaller and lighter, representing a new benchmark in fibre density. This market-leading solution will enable unprecedented transmission rates, low latency and scalability.

Your opportunity to be part of Telstra InfraCo's vision

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About Telstra InfraCo

As Telstra’s specialist infrastructure business, we are committed to opening up newer and easier ways for customers to access our infrastructure portfolio.

Telstra InfraCo serves three customer segments, with more than 200 customers in total: Wholesale in Australia, nbn Co, and the broader Telstra organisation.

Our asset boundaries include mobile towers, all fibre, and network supporting infrastructure. PSTN, legacy fixed, and satellite infrastructure.

Currently, Telstra InfraCo is accountable for 250,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable, 360,000 kilometres of ducts, 8,000 mobile towers, masts and poles, 5,000 exchanges, two data centres, and access to 400,000 kilometres of sub-sea cables.