Sustainability is woven into our business practices

Responsible partnerships and reducing our carbon footprint through environmental initiatives form the core of our strategy.

Keeping things safe, fair and responsible

Telstra InfraCo embeds sustainability into our culture, operations, products and services. Our objective is to deliver world-class, specialist and sustainable infrastructure in a safe, fair and responsible manner for our customers, partners and people.  
Telstra InfraCo is aligned with and contributes to the Telstra Group-wide sustainability strategy and is also committed to integrating ESG policies relevant to our infrastructure business.

Land stewardship

Our team supports access for Telstra InfraCo’s design, construction and maintenance. We’re respectful on Country and work closely with stakeholders.


Integrating energy efficiency, new technologies and climate change considerations into our culture, operations, products and services.

Doing better for the future

Visit our sustainability hub to learn more about our how we’re progressing with our sustainability strategy and projects.

Connect with us

Find the right team member

Our services include sales, maintenance and partnerships – all of which you can access from our main contact page or enquiry form.

Help protect our network

Minimising damage to infrastructure to maximise the efficiency of essential services and customer safety.