About us

A proud heritage of building the future

Telstra InfraCo is a digital infrastructure solutions provider to Australia's business and technology sectors.

About Telstra InfraCo

We provide infrastructure solutions to the telecommunications industry, satellite operators, data centres and other key industries. We are committed to opening up newer and easier ways for customers to access our infrastructure portfolio. 

With digital infrastructure as diverse as our landscape, we connect Australians across the country and around the globe.

Dependability on a grand scale


Duct to travel from The Great Barrier Reef to London and back, ten times.

Telephone poles

More telephone poles than seats at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

Subsea cables

Access to subsea cables that could stretch almost 10 times around the earth. 


Fibre optic cable

Enough fibre optic cable to track Australia’s coastline seven times over.

An ever growing network

We support operations of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s multi-national businesses operating from Sydney to San Francisco, or remote outback communities, our network helps us all grow.

Our fixed network supports Australia’s institutions and our own carrier-neutral facilities, like Australian-based data centres, edge infrastructure sites, satellite ground stations and cable landing stations connecting us across the globe.

Grounded in experience as Australia’s first telecommunications network builders, our experts understand how today’s technology can help lay the foundations for a brighter connected future.

Connect with us

Find the right team member

Our services include sales, maintenance and partnerships – all of which you can access from our main contact page or enquiry form.

Help protect our network

Minimising damage to infrastructure to maximise the efficiency of essential services and customer safety.

Why partner with us?

Extensive connections across Australia

Access high performance connectivity and thousands of fixed network sites across Australia.

Decades of expertise

With vast experience across design, construction, customisation, protection and project management, we know what works on the ground.

Carrier neutral

We have carrier neutral services and facilities, so you can mix and match connectivity to suit your unique requirements.

Sustainable operations

We weave sustainability through our business practices, including responsible business partnerships and environmental initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.