Dark Fibre

Enjoy network control with Dark Fibre

The power of unlimited potential

Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre gives you full control over your network. Discover unlimited potential with Australia’s rapidly growing fibre footprint to create your own digital infrastructure. With low latency and the ability to support high speeds, Dark Fibre empowers you to meet your business’ changing needs. 

Why Dark Fibre is right for your business

Dedicated fibre connection

You have exclusive use of the fibre pair over the route, ensuring the ultimate performance and capacity.

Control over your network

Manage your network capacity and speed to ensure you make the most of your service.

Customisable to your needs

By bringing your own equipment, you have flexibility to configure your network to suit your needs.

Security built in

Dark Fibre offers private and secure connectivity between your business premises.

Certainty of fixed prices

We offer fixed prices on fibre pairs over terms of 3 or 5 years to make monthly costs predictable. Each quote includes 1 fibre pair.


We employ fibre performing technology to continuously monitor the fibre network in real-time, enabling predictive and preventative action, and rapid fault isolation.


Our Dark Fibre products

Dark Fibre Premise

A fibre optic cable infrastructure that runs between two or more termination points. It provides a dedicated and unlit optical fibre pair that can be connected to a service provider's equipment to activate and transmit data. 

Available in capital city metropolitan areas only. Possible connections include Data Centre – Premise, Premise – Premise, POI – Premise, Exchange – Premise.

Dark Fibre Non-Premise

A solution designed with customisation in mind. It features an unlit single mode optical fibre pair between two optical termination points located at an A-end and a B-end, with at least one end being an external site (non-premise).

Available in metro city areas only. Possible connections include: Premise to InfraCo Pit, InfraCo Pit to InfraCo Pit or another external site (e.g. traffic lights, CCTV cameras). Fee for service required for services beyond the InfraCo pit.

Point of Interconnect (POI) Ring

This solution establishes fibre paths between NBN POIs and data centres. The rings reach 90 metro POIs across 6 capital cities to form a resilient and cost-efficient network topology. 

Available in capital city metropolitan areas only, possible connections include: POI – POI, Data Centre – POI, POI ring.

Data Centre Interconnect Services

Using our extensive dark fibre network to connect externally to data centres, allowing customers to connect customer equipment in their racks.

Available in metro and additional cities, possible connections include DC to DC or DC to POI.

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