Long Haul

Go the distance with Telstra InfraCo Long Haul

Connect between selected capital and non-capital cities

Broaden your network reach using your own amplification equipment installed at selected Telstra InfraCo fixed network sites. We offer multiple predefined routes: our standard offerings are Sydney to Wollongong and Melbourne to Geelong, with customised paths considered. 

Why Telstra InfraCo Long Haul is best for your business

Bundled solutions

An end-to-end aligned solution providing efficiency by effortlessly procuring fibre and rack colocation solutions together.

Customisation and control 

Bring Your Own (BYO) equipment and customise the network according to your business needs, with the flexibility to upgrade or expand your equipment.

Dedicated fibre connection and security 

Exclusive use of fibre for optimal performance and capacity, utilising Network Building Colocation product to store equipment securely in selected fixed network sites.

Distance and wider network reach 

Fibre connectivity that covers long predetermined routes, reaching non-capital cities and allowing you to establish a presence in these areas.


From lit products, like Wavelength and other carriers. It caters for multiple requirements, including managed and unmanaged services.



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